Lash & Brow Bar Services

Lash and Brow Service fees at Oasis Pamper Bar

Beautiful lashes camouflage the signs of aging

According to Oasis Pamper Bar celebrity manicurist and esthetician Lynn Reed, large sunglasses with extra wide frames are more than just a fashion statement. They help protect the skin around the eyes from harmful rays from the sun. Oversized sunglasses help to protect the upper eyelid from the sun, which, in excess over time, can cause the upper eyelid skin to become wrinkled. Make sure your oversized sunglasses reach towards the eyebrows to provide adequate protection.

“For younger looking eyes, artificial eyelashes are an excellent option,” according to Oasis Pamper Bar celebrity manicurist and esthetician Lynn Reed. Full, dark long eyelashes are a sign of youthfulness. Long, full lashes enhance the eye’s natural contours, and beautiful lashes camouflage the signs of aging. Oasis Pamper Bar offers the complete menu of Lash and Brow services including brow design, tweezing and touch up; facial waxing for lips and brows; and lip, chin and side waxing.

Do your brows need tinting or coloring to hide graying hairs? Oasis Pamper Bar esthetician Lynn Reed recommends tinting as a way to deal with graying eyebrows. Order this treatment at the same time you are getting your eyebrows arched.

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